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Module and Application Overviews

Main Menu

The Main Menu is the springboard for all the applications available in HDSlog and is one of the two applications that are default shortcuts on your desktop. From here you can import files, open Log Plots, and access all the data editing and data processing programs. There is a traditional ribbin menu as well as a side bar menu on the left. Both access the same applications. In the center is a large empty space. When a well is loaded, the header information will be displayed and can be edited in this space.


The Import/Export application in the main Menu has three options. “Import – LAS (Ascii)”, “Import – Misc. Text”, and “Export LAS (Ascii)”. This application is where all files (LAS, LIS, Core Data, Directional Surveys, etc.) are loaded in, and it is also an easy way to convert LAS to MDB files or vice versa.

Backup and Restore

Although this function is not built into the HDSlog system as of right now, it is still an important step. On rare occasions, MDB files can be corrupted in HDSlog. Nothing on a corrupted file is easily recoverable. Therefore, it is wise to back up your wells in between steps. There are many good free file zipping programs out there, but the HDS staff favorite is 7-Zip. This program allows you to create a duplicate MDB file of your well and store it as is in a zipped folder.

Log Plots

Log Plots is the second application in HDSlog that has a default shortcut directly on your desktop. This is where the curves are graphically represented, and the formatting of the final deliverable is decided on. From here, you can add formation markers, tracks, curves, and memos, change margins, customize your header and tracks, and so much more. Log Plots is where you polish the well logs and prepare them presentation.

Core Tools


Data Editing

The Data Editing application contains the the basic correction tools HDSlog offers. These include SP baseline straightening, clean up, complex curve adjustments, curve smooth, spreadsheet, and toolbox tabs, as well as all the environmental corrections such as density, gamma ray. neutron, induction standoff, invasion, and resistivity corrections.


Tweak is the petrophysics processing portion of HDSlog. Tweak runs you through calculations such as V-shale, porosity, lithology, water saturation, permeability, bad hole, and coal identification. You can find multiple options for calculating each of these already input into the HDSlog system, and if the one you need is not there, you can always add it in User Equations.