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Installation Guide

Hardware Requirements


  • 1 GHz processor
  • 512 MB memory
  • 200 MB storage
  • 1024 x 768 resolution


  • 2 GHz+ processor
  • 1 GB+ Memory
  • 500 MB+ storage
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution

Software Requirements (included with installer)

  • Microsoft .Net framework 4.0
  • Microsoft DAO 3.6
  • MS Script Control 1.0


Certain actions may temporarily invalidate your license. These actions include:

  • Changing your computer name if you chose to identify by computer name
  • Changing your username if you chose to identify by username
  • Changing the date on your computer
  • Tampering with the license or activation files
  • Removing the license or activation files
  • Attempting to activate more times than the amount of copies allowed from the same license (please contact us if you need more copies)
  • Replacing your hard drive or CPU

Please check to make sure you change your computer name, user name, and date before installing HDSlog. If your license is invalidated, call or email for reactivation. If you choose to email, not the cause of the invalidation if known. 

Helpful Hint: setting your computer’s date forward will not invalidate your license, however it may shorten the term of your license. After setting it forward, resetting it backward may cause the license to invalidate. Relaunch the program with internet access, and the problem should correct itself. 

Installation Instructions

Download the latest version of HDSlog from the email sent by

PLEASE NOTE: is the only acceptable way to obtain the HDSlog program. We do not honor licenses from other sources. Please report any other sources and DO NOT DOWNLOAD from them as they may be fraudulent. 

Run the Setup.exe and follow the prompts until setup is complete.

After the setup has completed, a license file must be placed in the HDSlog directory under the main drive in Windows File Explorer. If your license was not included in the installation package, please email

Helpful Hint: If you are running a trial, your trial license will be valid for 30 days before a full license will be needed to continue running HDSlog. 

You can launch the software for the first time using the shortcuts on the desktop or through Windows File Explorer. An activation request will be generated after the first launch and will need to be emailed to If you have an outlook account, the program will ask to initiate and automatically send this email. Alternatively, you can copy/paste the link and email from any domain. 

We will sign the activation request and email it back to you from activations Place this file in the HDSlog main directory next to the license file, close the program, then relaunch.

Helpful Hint: If you need extra assistance installing or updating HDSlog, call us during normal business hours and we will be happy to assist!

Update Instructions

Download the update file.

Run the update.exe and follow the prompts.

Place the update file in the HDSlog main directory if not automatically completed.


Common Installation or Update Errors

If you encounter any of these common errors during installation or beyond, please check and make sure you follow these instructions before submitting a bug report or contacting us.


“Unable to verify license. Please note that internet is required for the first launch of the software.” Re-launch the software with internet access.
“This computer’s date has been changed. Please re-launch the software with internet access to re-validate your license.”Re-launch the software with internet access.
“License file is corrupt or has been tampered with.”Contact Us
“License has expired.”Call or email for license renewal.
“No license/activation file found in directory.”  Copy/paste the correct file in the HDSlog directory.

Sending Bug Reports

When an error report is generated, please be sure to be as specific as possible in the report description box. Please include:

  • What type of file you were using
  • The module you were using when the system crashed
  • What step you were completing when the issue arose

Specific bug reports help us to identify and correct the problem faster. If the issue is preventing you from properly using HDSlog, call or email