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First Time Input

Imputing files in HDSlog for the first time is as easy as knowing which folder to put your LAS files in. The key to successful use of HDSlog is organization.

    As mentioned earlier, HDSlog is designed to work intimately with the Windows platform. HDSlog and all its components are therefore directly accessible from your main drive. This makes it easy to add or remove certain additions to the program, such as LAS files, templates and CPU’s.

    Click on your main drive in File Explorer. One of the folders should be called HDSlog. Open that folder, and you can see all the inner workings of the HDSlog program. The folder in HDSlog that is most important to us right now is the Data folder.

    Open the Data folder, you’ll see another folder that is named Sample Data. This is the sample data that we provide you with when you first install the program.

    The Data folder is where all your LAS and MDB files should be saved. If you choose to zip your MDB files, the backups should be stored in here as well.

    There are several ways you could go about storing your data in this folder, though there are a couple we recommend. Ultimately, it depends on how you prefer to organize.

Quickstart Version

  • Click on your main drive in File Explorer
  • Open the folder called HDSlog
  • Open the Data folder
  • Move any LAS, LIS, or additional data into this folder
  • This data is now accessible from inside the HDSlog input application