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Screenshot of the Volume of Shale tab in the PetroCalc application in the HDSlog software (Wood example file).

Volume of Shale

Volume of Shale Calculations

The V-Shale tab allows the users to calculate the Volume of Shale from a single or a multiple source using multiple industry standard models:

  • Linear Conversion
  • Larionov (Older Rocks)
  • Larionov (Tertiary Rocks)
  • Clavier et. al.
  • Steiber (2)
  • Steiber (3)
  • Steiber (4)
  • Konen
  • DW ‘S’
  • Larionov (Custom)
  • Steiber (Custom)
  • Konen (Custom)
  • DW ‘S’ (Custom)