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Screenshot of the setup menu in the Cross Plots application where the user specifies the well information, crossplot type, porosity range, axis options, etc.

Screenshot of the user interface in the Cross Plots application where the plots are displayed and customized. 

Cross Plots

Using Cross Plots

The cross plot application can be accessed through the Main Menu or through the Log Plots application in HDSlog. It will plot up to 7 cross plots on one screen with predefined or user-defined data from 1 to 10 well files per cross plot. Once in the setup menu you will decide on:

  • Plot Type (Lithology, Pickett/Hingle, Buckles, User Defined, etc.)
  • Single or multiple wells
  • Formations or specific depth range
  • Create a well list (required for Multiple Well Plots)
  • The z-axis
  • To normalize data use a Current Well Overlay file.
  • Pickett/Hingle porosity tie