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Screenshot of Wood Example Well in Log Plots application after analysis. Includes linear logarithmic depth tracks with the computed interpretation curves including lithology and gas shading.

West Texas Wood Example Well Log Plot printing out of Canon plotter

Log Plots

Log Plot Editing

The Log Plots application allows the user to plot raw and interpreted data, edit plot presentation, and produce a log plot deliverable. Log Plots is one of the two applications that has a default shortcut loaded directly onto your desktop (the other is the Main Menu). It is also accessible from almost any other application in HDSlog.

Plot Raw and Interpreted Data

HDSlog is capable of displaying up to 99 tracks and 1,000 curves from imported or calculated data. One of the most important features of Log Plots is the fact that it is an interactive application that simultaneously updates its contents as the user edits their processing parameters for curves in various applications. This allows users to see edits in real time across applications.

Edit Plot Presentation

Through the Log Plots application (upper image), curves can be customized with a variety of color, line style, and line thickness options. In addition to curve editing, this application allows adding and editing:

  • The header information – Learn More
  • Tool diagram and completion diagram
  • Log plot remarks and disclaimer
  • The plot body
    • Formation markers – Learn More
    • Plot colors and styles
    • Curves and tracks
  • Interpretation summary
  • The footer

Log Plot Deliverables

HDSlog allows the user to output a final log plot deliverable in a digital file in one of the following formats: PDF, TIFF, EMF, BMP, PNG, GIF, or JPG (lower image).