Hydrocarbon Data Systems
  • HDS 2008 - Our current release of the HDS Log Analysis Program uses the Access database. This PC petrophysical Log Analysis Package has evolved over the years to its current status. The program is only optimized to run on the 32-bit and 64-bit Windows architecture for speed and specialized graphics.

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Open Hole Sample
Cased Hole Sample


***Network Versions are available using a central network kernel. You can add 1-20 users using a LAN setup***


***If interested in purchasing one of our products, email BillManley@hds-log.com or call 713-690-0556.***

Old Legacy Products
  • HDS-Log Analysis Program 3.x -- A PC based petrophysical Log Analysis Package. It is built to perform log analysis on up-to-date computer technology.  The program is optimized to run only on a Win 95, 98 or NT platform taking full advantage of the 32-bit architecture for speed and specialized graphics.(Discontinued 1999).

  • HDS-Log Analysis Program 2.5 -- The original HDS Log Analysis program was built around 16-bit technology. This package was designed originally for Windows 3.x but performs extremely well with Windows 95. (Discontinued 1995).

  • EZLIS-manipulates LIS data -- Read and write LIS tape information.

  • EZDLIS-manipulates DLIS data --Read and write DLIS tape information.

***If interested in purchasing one of our products, email BillManley@hds-log.com or call 713-690-0556.***

Value added customer services provided by HDS. Pricing for value added services can be at a hourly/daily rate. Some jobs may be offered on a negotiated basis. Contact William Manley for Details.
Petrophysical Training Classes
  • Class capacity is limited to 12 people. Generally classes are open until they are posted full at this site. Special in-house seminars are available, however admission is determined by the company sponsoring the training at heir office. Contact our home office, for a reservation and pricing information, if you wish to attend. Based on customer demand the following sites are typical for training courses. If you desire HDS training in your area let us know. We will poll our customers in your city and might be able to make it economically feasible to do a class there:
  1. Houston, Texas
  2. Denver, Colorado
  3. Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • In house Training at your office In North America, Europe or Asia can usually be accommodated with a minimum of 4 students or a negotiated flat fee.

Log Data Processing Includes Log Digitizing, Las or ASCII data import and generally any type of data posting relevant to the HDS Log Analysis Program.

  • Log Digitizing from Paper copies into HDS binary or LAS
  • LAS or ASCII file import including Tops and Perfs.
  • Petrophysical Analysis is a separate service (see its page).
  •  All work is done in-house with the current version of the HDS Log Analysis Program using a combination of senior staff members, programming personal and technicians.
There are several Petroleum Engineering firms which use our software for log interpretation.  These firms are generally better suited for a complete reservoir evaluation and we can supply you their names.  In some cases we will take on small jobs in order to help our customers.  This is service on an as needed basis and is not intended as a long term contract.  We try to focus most of our attention on software development.    We will tell you up front, if we feel there is another company better suited to evaluate your particular project.
  • Any interpretation supervised by Larry E. Wells (over 30 years experience, BS University of Washington in Physics)
  • World Wide Experience
  • Petrophysical Background
  • Performed with time-tested HDS software
  • Field studies in North & South America, North Sea, Middle East, Far East by Mr. Wells