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  • HDS Training Class - Next class is pending for Houston.  Contact BillManley@hds-log.com   or call 713-690-0556 for more details. There are limited spaces available for each session.
  • SP 9.30 update now available (Jan 25, 2018) for workstation and network versions of the HDS 2008 software. Tested for Windows 10.  Click Here for downloads.
  • HDS.Net 2018  now available (Jan 25, 2018) for USB workstation versions of the HDS 2008 software. The databases are fully compatible with earlier HDS versions Tested for Windows 10.  Open multiple windows concurrentlyThis program was entirely rewritten to operate faster on MS Framework 4 on Windows 7-10 operating systems. Click Here for downloads.
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  • User Q & A section added to the support documents page click here.

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  About HDS  
     Hydrocarbon Data Systems, Inc. is generally known as HDS. We strive to be the superior provider of Petrophysics / Log Analysis software for Geologists, Engineers and Petrophysicists. We accomplish this by providing fast customer service and products that revolve around the modern Windows platforms.

    We are a pioneering leader in providing Windows based solutions for Log Analysis Software. For those of you who know us, HDS has been in business since August of 1982. Our Petrophysics software package has been commercially available since 1985. There are installations of the package in 27 countries around the world. We actively participate in events with organizations such as AAPG, CSPG, SPE and the SPWLA.

    We have a multitude of satisfied customers. HDS will work to assist you and to provide you with "Useful and Prompt Technical Help". You won't get caught up in the "big company" voice mail game when you need help at HDS. Our customers will testify to this statement! 
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